Robert Clark McWhirter

September 26, 1848

Robert Clark McWhirter was just two years old when his mother, Margaret Jane Clark, died, seven days after the birth of his sister, Margaret Jane McWhirter. His father married Mary Jane Garvin a year later, so she was really the only mother he ever knew.  

Robert married his cousin Mary Jane Kyle about 1878.  She was the daughter of Robert Kyle and Mary Ann McWhirter.  Mary Ann McWhirter and Robert's father, John, were siblings.

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From Mary Jane Kyle McWhirter's Bible we have the birth dates of the children. (see HOME)  There also appears to be a child that was born and died in 1883 within a week named James, which is hard to interpret because they also had a son named James C, who was born in 1881.  James C died in 1908, but he was alive when the above baby was born and died.  Why would they name the child the same name as their older son.  Perhaps the baby that died, James was not the son of Robert and Mary Jane, but a relative, and Mary Jane recorded the birth and death in the Bible.

The oldest son, William Clarence,  was born March 11, 1879, apparently in Pittsburgh, PA.  He became a teacher, and married Mary J. Evans, born 1884.  He taught at the Boston School in Finley Twp.  See below for a photo of a class at the Boston School.  Clarence had three daughters, Jane, Mary Margaret and another daughter, and a son, Dwight E. The 1910 census reports:

1910 Census

Clarence W Mcwhirter
Age: 31 State: PA
Color: W
Enumeration District: 0276
Birth Place: Pennsylvania Visit: 0042
County: Allegheny, Wilkinsburg
Relation: Head of Household
Other Residents: Wife Mary J 26, Pennsylvania

The second son, James C, is listed in the 1900 census as a farm laborer.  He died Sept 2 1908.

The oldest daughter, Mary Margaret, was born March 03, 1884 at the family home in Finley Twp, Mercer Co, PA.  She died about 1936 "at the Mayo Clinic."  She married Clinton Cochran on October 05, 1929 in Mercer.  I have no indications of children from this marriage.  Please send me info if you have it!

Robert Kyle McWhirter was born  November 16, 1885 and died   He married twice, his first wife being Margaret Louella Walker, born March 08, 1881 in Indiana. They married February 26, 1908. Their children were Mabel, and twins, Anna Mae and Willis Raymond.  Willis Raymond died young.

John Herman was born May 14, 1887 and died in 1966.  He married Blanche Rebecca Anderson on June 15, 1920.  She was born October 26, 1888 in Finley Twp, Mercer, and died in 1977 in Greenville, PA.  Their children were: Mary Lois, James Herman, Ruth Rebecca, and William Robert.

Clara Elizabeth was born January 20, 1889.  She attended Slippery Rock College and became a teacher.  She taught in the Pittsburgh School District on the North Side.  I (Amy McWhirter Hutton) spoke with Aunt Clara several times.  It was she who gave us the marvelous collection of family photos. She died in 1967, never having married.

Edward Earl McWhirter was born October 17, 1890 and died August 18, 1954.  He married Georgina Anderson, a recent imigrant from Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland.  He came to Pittsburgh and worked as a butcher, and later worked for Westinghouse Research Corp.They lived in WIlkinsburg. They had one son, John Howard McWhirter


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The children are: from left: Robert K, Clara, Edward (in a skirt,) and Mary Margaret front right.
Clarence is in the very back and James and Herman are behind on the right.

BOSTON SCHOOL, Finley Twp, Mercer, PA

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The Teacher is F.M. McCullough